Top Universities In Asia – Latest University Rankings

So many university aspirants are all over the countries of the world today, some who wish to study in any of the top universities within or away from their various countries. This latest University rankings of the top universities in Asia will guide such aspirants on the best university to apply for anywhere around Asia.

Here are the top universities to study abroad in, Universities in various different beautiful and well developed countries of the world, descending from Tohoku University to the Nanyang Technological University Singapore together with the year these Universities where found and the countries where they are all located in.


Top Universities In Asia

20. Tohoku University

  • FOUNDED: On 22nd June 1907
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: In Sendai, Japan.

19. Yonsei University

  • FOUNDED: On 10th April 1885
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: In Seoul, South Korea.

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18. Sungkyunkwan University(SKKU)

  • FOUNDED: In 1398
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: In Seoul, South Korea.

17. Kyoto University

  • FOUNDED: On June 18, 1897

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16. Korean University

  • FOUNDED: On May 5, 1905
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: In Seoul, South Korea.

15. Osaka University

  • FOUNDED: 1st May 1931
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: In Suita, Japan.

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14. Tokyo Institute Of Technology

  • FOUNDED: In 1929
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: In Tokyo, Japan.

13. The University Of Tokyo

  • FOUNDED: On 12th April 1877

12. Pohang University Of Science & Technology

  • FOUNDED: On 3rd December 1986
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: South Korea.
    Top universities in Asia

11. Seoul National University

  • FOUNDED: On 22nd August 1946
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: South Korea.


Top 10 Best Universities In Asia

10. The Chinese University Of Hong Kong(CUHK)

  • FOUNDED: On 17th October 1963

9. Peking University

  • FOUNDED: On 11th June 1898
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: In Beijing, China.

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8. City University Of Hong Kong

  • FOUNDED: In 1984

7. Fudan University

  • FOUNDED: In 1905
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: In Shanghai, China.

6. Tshinghua University

  • FOUNDED: On 29th April 1911
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: In Beijing, China.

5 . The University Of Hong Kong

  • FOUNDED: 30 March 1911

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4 . Korea Advanced Institute Of Science & Technology(KAIST)

  • FOUNDED: On 16th February 1971
  • COUNTRY LOCATED:South Korea.

3. The Hong Kong University Of Science & Technology

  • FOUNDED: In 1991

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2. National University Of Singapore(NUS)

  • FOUNDED: In 1905
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Singapore.

1. Nanyang Technological University Singapore(NTU)

  • FOUNDED: In 1981
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Singapore.

The Above are the list of the top 20 universities in Asia where you can study. It will be always be updated regularly, and more information about each one of these great universities will be added soon. Stay tuned.

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