Top 10 Richest P0r*n Stars In The World -Photos and Net Worth

This is the list of the top 10 richest p0r*n stars in the world and their dazzling net worth that will amaze you.

Do you wonder how these peeps get money? Maybe you have to checkout how many people watch their videos daily. Prn sites receives massive traffic on daily basis as per research yet everyone still walks holy on the street “P*rnless”… Who then is watching those videos and making these peeps stinkingly rich?

Top 10 Richest P0r*n Stars In The World – Photos and Net worth

10. JENNA HAZE: She is the youngest on the list and the tenth richest on the list. She has a whopping net worth of $4.1 Million and she recently confessed that she couldn’t stop prn videos because her fans want to see her act on.

9. Katie Morgan: With a Net Worth of $4.5 Million Katie has sworn to make the prn world as popular as possible. He has featured in hundreds of p0r*n videos but recently was reported to have fallen sick but not yet out of business.

8. Bree Olson: Net Worth $5 Million, A die-hard p0r*n star who claims she can go straight for 5 hours. She has a lot of fans who wouldn’t even let her repent if she wants to.

7. Ron Jeremy: Net Worth $5.5 Million. He is the oldest in the business but recently has dropped from active series. He said he doesn’t regret his life style but will not want his children to go same way.

6. Maria Takagi: Net Worth $6 Million. According to her, they take pains to satisfy the public but get stunts rom some “modafukas”. She always sound brave and in love with what she does.


5. Traci Lords: Net Worth $7 Million. She claims to be the queen of the game and boasts of getting her styles from the spirit realm. She is a popular star in the business and has a lot of investments.

4. Jesse Jane: Net Worth $8 Million. Jesse Jane started this role as a very young teenager, rumoured to have shot her first video at the age of 13yrs with the aid of his mother who was alleged to be a patron in the prn house where she started. Jesse continued with this seeming business as she grew because her parents trained her in a condition that reads to her “Prn is the way to go”. So she took off as a great prn star at a very tender age and decided to clone it as her career and make profit out of it.

Her mother died few years after introducing her into the art and she took over as the new patron of the prn house making huge money as a teenager.

3. Peter North: Net Worth $10 Million. He is known as one of the richest p0r*n stars in the world for his introduction of different violent styles and is rumoured to have destroyed a few girls in the act as they couldn’t cope with his speed and roughness. Most of his shoots are always violenta as that is the role he has chosen.


The house selects only very strong and female partners for his case and have once deliberate on transferring him to the animal section where he will be shooting videos with animals and not humans again, this made him reduce his violent act to an extent and recently he has not been shooting new videos but still earns heavily.

2. Jenna Jameson: Net Worth $10.2 Million. Jenna Jameson got popular with  the series he acted and shot with Jesse Jane known as the popular JJ&JJ SERIES which they claimed gained the highest video views in the world. The series was later banned from internet broadcast but gained them the popularity they hold onto today.

Jesse and Jenna have never been found together again after the ban of that series so it seemed something fishy happened underground which they didn’t want to let the public know.

1. Tera Patrick: Net Worth $15 Million. I have almost nothing to say about Tera. He hardly shoots videos but has the highest fans in the industry. I don’t really understand how he makes his money but it is obvious he has made fame earlier and has multi-million endorsements. You can imagin big companies endorsing a prn star! It baffles my imagination.


Okay, that’s the list of the top 10 richest p0r*n stars in the world and their net worth as per my detailed research but hey, don’t take me for a p0r*n addict, I don’t even know what happens there. I am just a serial researcher and blogger, I research about anything and blog. All the prn addicts here should indicate in the comment box below let the pastors that will stumble on this list pray for them.

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