Top 10 Richest Gospel Musicians In Nigeria and Their Net Worth

We all know that there are lots of gospel musicians in Nigeria. Nigeria is surely blessed with very talented and hard-working people, who have managed to become popular and spread their songs throughout the world.

Musically in Nigeria, year 2018 has been wonderful and very amazing so far with a new sound and exciting Gospel songs that have caught our attention from Nigerian gospel artistes. These top musicians have made national and international impact and released singles and albums that have won several awards.

Here are the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria, a brief bio and their net worth.

Top 10 Richest Gospel Musicians In Nigeria

10. Yinka Ayefele

Net Worth: $27o,000

Yinka Ayefele is a rich Nigerian music producer and gospel singer. He is the only gospel artist to have received a national award (he was conferred with Member of the Order of the Nigeria, MON).

Ayefele began his music career in 1997 after he was involved in an automobile accident which damaged his spinal cord and confined him to a wheelchair.

Ayefele released his first album (Bitter Experience) in 1998 and this album brought him into the limelight. Ayefele earns money from live shows and gospel concert, social functions, album sales and endorsement deals.

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9. Tope Alabi

Net Worth: $30o,000

Tope Alabi (arguably the most prominent Yoruba language gospel artist in Nigeria) is a gospel singer, film music composer, and actress. She is a gospel musician and a movie track composer who released her first album Ore ti o Common in 2001 that launched her into limelight.

Her other albums are Iwe Eri, Agbara Re Ni, Agbara Olorun, Angeli MI, Kokoro Igbala, kabiosi, agbelebu, Alagbara, Agbelebu and many others. If you are a lover of Yoruba gospel music, this is one gospel artist whose voice you can’t help but love.

She is also an actress, featuring in a host of Yoruba films. Tope Alabi earns her money from Yoruba movie soundtrack production, gospel concerts and shows, album sales and endorsement deals.

8. Gozie Okeke and Njideka Okeke

Net Worth: $32o,000

For the sixth richest gospel musician, we are going for a couple rather than an individual. The Okeke’s are the most recognized Igbo gospel artists in Nigeria today.

Their hit album,“Akan-cha-wa” went multi-platinum, gaining wide acceptance across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

The wife, (who is also the lead vocalist) Njideka Okeke was introduced to music by her husband, Prince Gozie Okeke who helped nurture her in the art of singing.

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7. Eben

Net Worth: $35o,000

Eben is one of Nigeria’s most prominent gospel artists. Eben came to national prominence with his hit track “Imarawa”.

Eben joins the rich list claiming the fourth position on the list of richest gospel artist in Nigeria. The Gospel artist earns his money from live performance in gospel shows, album sales, and music production.

The gospel artist earns his money from live performance in gospel shows and album sales.

6. SamSong

Net Worth: $37o,000

Samson Uche Mogekwu was born in Delta State, Nigeria. He is a top musician who is popularly known as SamSong. He discovered his talent for singing during his high school days where he was monikered SamSong.

SamSong is a rich Nigerian gospel artist who is based in Abuja, Nigeria. He attended college, and majored in Accounting. In  the year 1991, he formed a quartet known as Praise Creation. He initially started as a banker before he ventured into gospel music because of his great passion for singing.

His breakthrough came when he released his hit track ‘Bianule’, a song which brought him into the front seat of the gospel music in Nigeria. He is currently signed to Ivory Music Label.

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Top 5 Richest Gospel Musicians In Nigeria

5. Lara George

Net Worth: $40o,000

Lara George is a talented gospel singer blessed with a distinctly alluring voice. She was a member of the widely successful 3 girls group known as “Kush”.

Since she went solo, Lara George has been making waves in the Nigerian gospel music industry starting with her debut album ‘forever in my heart’, the star track “Ijoba Orun” was especially successful.

Lara George has won numerous awards such as Trailblazer of the year 2013, best female artiste AGMA 2012, Nigeria’s Gospel artiste of the year 2010&2011NEA, Female Vocalist of the Year 2010 HHWA. Lara George earns her money from live performance in gospel shows and album sales.

4. Sinach

Net Worth: $42o,000

We couldn’t make this list without mentioning Sinach, a  woman of worship and simply an incredible gospel artist. Osinachi Kalu best known as Sinach is the third in this list of the top 10 richest gospel musician in Nigeria and this multi-award-winning Nigerian Gospel music singer, songwriter, and senior worship leader at Believers Love world is known globally for several gospel hits songs.

She has truly become famous in the Nigerian gospel music industry with hit tracks such as ‘Way Maker’, ‘I Know Who I Am’ and ‘Great Are you Lord’.

Sinach continues to inspire thousands of worshippers by releasing albums and providing them with meaningful songs. This top gospel artist earns her money from live performance in gospel shows, endorsement deals, and album sales.

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3. Nikki Laoye

Net Worth: $45o,000

Oyenike Laoye-Oturu, professionally known as Nikki Laoye, is a Nigerian recording artist, singer, songwriter, dancer and occasional actress, renowned for her eclectic musical expressions and captivating stage performances.

As a recording artist, Laoye’s music has earned her several awards including The Headies Award in 2013 for Best Female Vocal Performance and the All African Music Awards (AFRIMA) in 2014 for Best Female Artiste in African Inspirational Music.

Nikki Laoye earns her money from live performance in gospel shows, and album sales.

2. Frank Edwards

Net Worth: $60o,000

Taking the number two spot on this list is Frank Ugochukwu Edwards. Frank Edwards is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter and recording artist from Enugu, Enugu State.

He is the founder and owner of the record label Rocktown Records, the record label is one of the most successful in the industry. If you listen to gospel music in Nigeria then you can’t miss the name, Frank Edwards.

This top gospel artist earns his money from live performance in gospel shows, endorsement deals, and album sales. Frank Edwards is one of the top 10 richest gospel musicians in Nigeria.

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1. Sammie Okposo

Net Worth: $75o,000

Sammie Okposo is a multiple award-winning Nigerian gospel artist. He is a music producer, psalmist, entertainment consultant and the CEO of Zamar Entertainment. Sammie Okposo is regarded as the richest among the top 10 the richest gospel musicians in Nigeria today.

He was born in Delta state and started his music career in the year 1995. Sammie Okposo earns his money from live performance in gospel shows, album sales, and music production.


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