Top 5 Tallest Women In The World

A tall height is something many would want to possess, it is seen as a special favor or gift by plenty and is also seen as a curse by others due to several health issues, clothing, shoe sizes and many more. Tallness is a delight for those who possess it especially those in the field of sports, modelling, and those in other human endeavor where height is required. Tallness is really a pleasure and we now look at the top 5 tallest women in the world today after previously knowing the tallest men in the world.


Top 5 Tallest Women In The World

5. Zainab Bibi, 7ft 2 inches

Zainab Bibi - One Of The Tallest Women In The World
Tallest Women In The World

Zainab Bibi is Pakistan’s tallest woman and a former world’s tallest woman as in 2003 World’s Guinness Book of Record. Bibi left Pakistan for Britain because of the consistent problems she had in her homeland, her families annoyance with her height among the many others. She suffered from diabetes and osteoporosis diseases and her height most time gave her little to be happy about.

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4. Malgorzata Dydek(Margo), 7ft 2.1 inches

Malgorzata Dydek - Tallest Women In The World
Tallest Women In The World

Top 5 Tallest Women In The WorldMalgorzata Dydek born on 28th April 1974 in Warsaw, Poland was the tallest female professional basketball player in the world standing 7ft 2.1 inches tall. Malgorzata was born into a tall family with both parents above the height of 6ft, later between 2008 to 2011 Dydek got married to David Twigg and was blessed with two sons David and Alexander Twigg. She later died on 27th May 2011, Brisbane in Australia after suffering a heart attack which brought about her being placed in a medically induced coma.

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3. Maria Feliciana dos Santos, 7ft 4.4 inches

Maria Feliciana dos Santos -  Tallest Women In The World
Tallest Women In The World

Maria Feliciana Dos Santos born on May 27 of 1946 in Amparo San Francisco, Sergipe, Brazil takes the third position on this list with the height of 7ft 4.4 inches. Maria was best known as a circus performer, a singer and a basketball player which she was very good at coupled to her unbelievable height.

2. Sandy Allen, 7ft 8 inches

Sandy Allen - Tallest Women In The World
Tallest Women In The World

Sandy Allen an American woman was born on 18 June 1955 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Allen was a writer(her book by name “In Some Lost Place”) and an actor(her movie by name “Fellini’s Casanova” and few other in which she was a cast) standing 7 feet 7.5 inches tall, she had so many health issues which made life difficult for her. Her abnormal height was contributed by the tumor she had in her pituitary gland and she later died on the 13th of August 2008 in Shelbyville, Indiana, United States of America.

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1. Yao Defen, 7ft 8 inches

Yao Defen - Top 5 Tallest Women In The World
Tallest Women In The World

Yao Defen born on 15th July 1972 in Shucheng County, Lu’an, China holds the record of being the tallest woman of all the tallest women in the world by the Guinness World Records. She stands 7 feet 8 inches tall or 2.33 metres with a weight of 1kg and her gigantism was due to a tumor in her pituitary gland. Yao Defen was a very gigantic figure and have rightfully earned a place with the top 5 tallest women in the world.

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