Richest Churches In Nigeria and Their Worth

Below is a list of the top ten richest churches in Nigeria and the richest church among them.

Note: We will keep the catholic church aside in this list owing to many reasons. The Roman catholic church is indeed the most populous christian church in the world. The basilica of saint peter in Rome which is the home to the pope of the catholic church is the largest worship place in the world.

Richest Churches In Nigeria and Their Worth

The Redeemed Christian Church of God.

This is one of the ten richest churches in Nigeria and its G.O,  Pastor Enoch is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria.

Mountain Of Fire and Miracle Ministry.

Just like you can see from the name, this church started as a ministry but grew into a very church big church in Nigeria within a space of time.

Living Faith Church Worldwide.

Living faith made the list of top richest churches in Nigeria just as its founder made the Nigerian pastors rich list.

The Apostolic Faith Church.

The apostolic faith church has it branches spread across Nigeria and it is pretty doing good.

Deeper Life Christian Ministry.

The deeper life christian ministry is one of the churches that made the list of top ten richest churches in Nigeria. There is this culture in the church to avoid piercing of ear by ladies and wearing of jewelries. it’s G.O is pastor W.F Kumuyi

Christ Embassy.

Christ embassy cuts through all odds to ensure all of its branches are standard and with a ready satellite tv to watch their GO’s service sermons on Sundays.

The Watchman Catholic Charismatic Church.

Watch man grew to be a big church after it broke away from the catholic church through The Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria from which they got their name. Pastor Lazurus Mouka of The Lord’s Chosen was one of the founding fathers but later broke of to form the Lords Chosen church which is also prospering.

Assemblies of God Church.

Despite the fights among its founding fathers as to who will lead the Church, the church has grown to be one of the ten richest churches in Nigeria.

You should Note that this list of top ten richest churches in Nigeria is not in an arranged decreasing or increasing order.

There are still many rising churches that were supposed to make this list of ten richest churches in Nigeria had it been their branches all over the country were at least  worth calling churches. There are some church branches that are totally a joke. They do not represent in any way that they are part of the headquarters or the branches of the church. Some branches look so unmanaged and overlooked that you would think that they are used for money raising to keep furnishing the cathedrals and headquarters.

It would be amazing to let you know that some of these churches in the list of top ten richest churches in Nigeria are also among the top ten richest churches in Africa.

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