Top 5 Richest African Musicians Currently and Their Net Worth

This is the current list of the top 5 richest African musicians as found on the forbes list. Nigerians alone took three positions on a roll on this list as Don Jazzy, Wizkid and Davido took turns after each other.

Akon is the first on the list and his net worth of $80M is far higher than the net worth of Don Jazzy($30M), Davido($16M) and Wizkid($20M) put together. This is simply being a king among kings!

The second on the list though not too popular in Nigeria is Black Coffee from KwaZulu-Natal with a net worth of $60M and a huge popularity in western countries.

Top 5 Richest African Musicians Currently and Their Net Worth

This list is Focused on the top five richest African musicians as released on forbes list, this dudes are the explanation of entertainment and business, they do not just entertain for chips, they entertain for the pleasure of it and make out huge money from the industry.

You can’t talk about richest African Musicians without having them first on the table.

This list is arranged in an ascending order from the least on the list to the most on the list tagged along with their net worth.


5. DAVIDO with a Net Worth of $16 million. 

Davido - richest african musicians

Davido – richest african musicians

Davido has dual citizenship as a child from Nigerian parents but born in the US. He is a very popular musician in Nigeria and is the 5th on the list of richest african musicians with a whopping net worth of $16 million worth about 5.7 Billion Naira.

Most times arguments go up on social media on who is the richest between Davido and Wizkid but the truth still remains, both of them are stinkingly rich, popular and famous.
They control the music industry not only in Nigeria but in Africa in their own different capacity and they host shows almost all around the world with fans turning up for almost every single event.

For making the list of richest african musicians, Davido and his colleagues has proven to be on the table of king makers in the African Music Industry.


4. WIZKID – With a Net Worth of $20 Million.

Wizkid - richest african musicians

Wizkid – richest african musicians

Wizkid probably looks like a very small boy, if you have seen him on stage for real you will agree with me, he has this little stature but yet a multi-functional brain capacity, he has made money beyond the expectation of many. I was wondering why his boss was not on the list but he is.

Wizkid has enormous energy and this is testified when he steps on stage, he can bounce around the stage for as long as the show lasts.

He is a definition of talent and power. His fan base grew so fast and large that he is now one of the most talked about Musicians in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole.


3. Don Jazzy – with a net worth of $30 million.

Don Jazzy - richest african musicians

Don Jazzy – richest african musicians

Don Jazzy’s real name is Michael Collins Ajereh. A talented singer, producer, performer and song writer.

Don has his own record label which has kissed many current Nigerian stars to glory and is still a top record label when it comes to music in Africa.

He is yet to a marry but leaves in luxury and abundance of money. He is the Mavin Records boss as per say and indeed just his stature alone is fit for a boss!

He is the 3rd richest african musician and is very good at what he does.


2. Black Coffee – With a net worth of $60 million.

dj black coffee - richest african musicians

black coffee – richest african musicians

Though Black coffee is majorly known as a DJ, he sings too and runs this as a combined business. A lot of Djs in Nigeria are turning into singers and they are making big hits.

It is not surprising to see a DJ turn singer, after mixing several jams for over years, a DJ sure must have learnt a lot about good music and once he hits the market, it is only waves alone.

Black coffee is the the 2nd on the forbes list of richest african musicians and he is just good for what he does.

He started as far back as the 1900s and has been grinding till date. He has a lot of fans in the industry and has won numerous awards to himself.

Black runs his own music label under which his albums are being released and he has helped many upcoming artists hit the fame-market.


1. Akon – With a net worth of $80 million.

Akon - richest african musicians

Akon – richest african musicians

Gapping the second richest african musician with a whopping $20M difference, Akon is the richest African musician and the forbes richest musician in africa.

Akon writes songs, is engaged in producing, sound recording, advertising, performing and has his own label Konvict Muzic which is one of the most popular record labels in the world.

Forbes Richest Musician In Africa

Akon, the richest black African musician is rated as forbes richest musician in africa and has fans from all over the world.

He has consistently maintained the position of the richest on the list and has by far driven his industry alongside with Charity. He has partnered with a few organisations to reach out to the less privileged and indeed is a household name is African music industry.

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