Best Universities In Australia

Most University aspirants today would want to live and get their academic certificate in the well developed and sixth largest continent in the world by size, Australia. This latest University rankings of the best universities in Australia will however guide such aspirants on which university to apply for anywhere around Australia. Also, this article highlights the University names, the country which they are located in and their founded year.


Here are the best universities to study abroad in, Universities in various different beautiful and well developed southern countries of the world, descending from University of Tasmania to the University of Melbourne.

Best Universities In Australia

20. University of Tasmania

  • FOUNDED: 1846
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Hobart in Tasmania.

19. Flinders University

  • FOUNDED: 1966
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Adelaide in South Australia

18. Deakin University

  • FOUNDED: 1974
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Geelong in Victoria

17. Charles Darwin University

  • FOUNDED: 2003
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Australia

16.University of Wollongong

  • FOUNDED: 1951
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Wollongong in New South Wales

best 20 universities in Australia

15. Macquarie University

  • FOUNDED: 1964
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Sydney in New South Wales

14. Griffith University

  • FOUNDED: 1971
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Queensland in Australia

13. University of Technology Sydney

  • FOUNDED: 26 January 1988
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Ultimo in New South Wales

12. University of South Australia

  • FOUNDED: 1991
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Adelaide in South Australia
    Top universities in Australia

11. The University of Newcastle

  • FOUNDED: 1965
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Callaghan in New South Wales


Top 10 Best Universities In Australia

10. Queensland University of Technology

  • FOUNDED: 1989
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Brisbane in Queensland

9. James Cook University

  • FOUNDED: 20th April 1970
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Townsville in Queensland

8. University of Adelaide

  • FOUNDED: 1874
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Adelaide in South Australia

7. University of Western Australia

  • FOUNDED: 1911
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Perth, Western Australia

6. Monash University

  • FOUNDED: 1958
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Melbourne in Victoria

5 . University of Queensland

  • FOUNDED: 10th December 1909
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Brisbane in Queensland

4 . University of New South Wales

  • FOUNDED: 1949
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Kensington in New South Wales

3. University of Sydney

  • FOUNDED: In 1850
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Sydney in New South Wales

2. Australian National University

  • FOUNDED: In 1946
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Canberra in Australia

1. University of Melbourne

  • FOUNDED: In 1853
  • COUNTRY LOCATED: Melbourne in Victoria

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