Best Dancers In Nigeria and The Richest Among Them

This is the list of top best dancers in Nigeria and the richest among them. It will interest you to know that not only singing pulls huge money for stage performance but dancing too. Tekno, Davido and others expand their fan base with dance just like Psquare built their fan base on dancing too.



Davido, an American-born Nigerian singer and rapper is a great performer, his music is really good, and he sure can move his body.

best dancers in nigeria


Another rapper, Tekno definitely feels the bit he’s laying down. His moves always perfectly match the tone and rhythm of the song, which is definitely an important thing for a dancer. When you watch his music videos, you’ll always want to join him in his dance.Tekno

Yemi alade

Yemi is a beautiful Nigerian Afropop singer, who seem to really know and like what she is doing. Every one of her hit songs’ music video has a dynamic, fiery dance, that you really feel like joining. She is definitely one of the best female dancers in Nigeria.


Olamide has probably one of the biggest counts of viral dance trends among the performers in Nigeria. Maybe some of them are not that complicated or sophisticated, but he definitely performs them flawlessly.Olamide


Flavour Nabania crooner is also one of the best dancers in Nigeria. Flavour is one Nigerian pop artistes who would sing a rugged pop music today and a closed gospel music the next day, the dude is a bit crazy in this. His dance steps are stuffs you will sure like.


Kcee is a famous Nigerian hit-maker, that has its distinct style, both in his music and in his performance. Since his nomination for the most gifted dance video in 2013, he has only evolved and if you’re asking, who is the best male dancer in Nigeria, he could be really close to the answer.Kcee


Peter and Paul Okoye are like fallen heroes in dancing. This guys use to dance the sky down earlier in their carrier but either pride or whatever is really taking them low. They are still very good in singing but in dancing, they are really going down. Alingo was one of their dance that broke records.

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